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97 Dope Chord Progressions

A collection of my favourtie R&B, soulful and popular chord progressions, saved as MIDI.

Create authentic R&B

Chord progressions are king, especially with genres like R&B and other soulful genres. It's the chord progressions that make the genre what it is.

I've recorded each chord progression with my favourite chord voicings and saved them as MIDI files. Now you can drag and drop them into your beats, tweak and make your own.

Actually learn chord progressions

Each MIDI chord progression comes with a corresponding PDF chord chart to help you learn new chords, ways to play chords, and of course, chord progressions.

SG Chord Pack Vol. 1

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R&B MIDI chord pack with 97 R&B, soulful and pop chord progressions. Plus, printable PDF chord charts that'll level up your production and musicianship.

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You will get a ZIP (143MB) file